Ways to Train (Safely) through COVID-19

Gyms are closed. 

Fitness competitions are canceled. 

Your favorite strength class or running club isn’t meeting up until it’s safe to do so.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us to challenging, uncertain times.

Are you struggling to inject energy and motivation into your fitness goals right now?

You’re not alone.

With safety and well-being in mind, here are a few ways to train safely through COVID-19.

Go virtual.

Experts have been encouraging us to practice social distancing and to stay home whenever possible. One way to heed their advice?

Pursue virtual fitness challenges.

We have tons of video tutorials for you to explore, and there are virtual races, classes, and resources all over the web. These can be done from the safety and comfort of your own home or backyard. There’s no commuting needed!

So how do you know which of these resources are best for you?

Partner with an expert.

Now is the perfect time to explore online coaching options. Find someone with trusted expertise in the fitness niche that’s right for you.

At Uplyft Fitness, our founder is licensed and board certified, with over 20 years of experience helping others improve their fitness. She’s partnering with the Take Back 2020 Challenge to provide video tutorials, strength routines, and tips for growing during these uncertain times.

Take Back 2020 allows you to partner with experts from many different fitness and wellnessbackgrounds for a 30-day virtual challenge tailored to you.

The challenge kicks off April 15.

This virtual challenge is for EVERYONE!  The challenge includes physical challenges but you pick the one that makes sense for you!  There are also challenges to help with coping with these uncertain times.   

Learn more at bitly.com/takeback2020.

Our friends at Trivium Racing provide a few more pieces of advice to tackle your training goalsduring COVID-19. We encourage you to keep an eye out for helpful information from trustedsources and heed CDC best practices. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.



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