It’s Uplyft’s Belated Birthday but the Gifts are For You!

So the anniversary of Uplyft Fitness has come and gone but today as I filled my cart on VistaPrint with fun new items with “Uplyft” on them it felt like a great day to reflect on the first year of Uplyft Fitness.

I started working as a personal trainer in 2001.  Personal training was a lot different then than it is today.  There wasn’t any texting with clients, there weren’t any FaceBook groups, and there were no YouTube channels. Shoot, it was fancy that I could call the gym and check my voicemail from home.

In 2001 there were very few personal trainers who could make training their full-time career. Today, turnover in the industry is still very high. I’ve read reports that say that 80-90% of trainers leave within two years! I am proud to say I have found success as a full-time personal trainer and I am so fortunate to have been doing what I love for so long.

Although the industry is still facing some challenges, there have been some great changes that have occurred since I started in 2001. One very exciting change is that personal trainers now have the ability to provide one on one attention via online personal training.

Why Do I Provide Online Training?

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I began exploring online training when I was working at Total Health Systems

I first dipped my toe into online training over seven years ago. It started as a way to help my physical therapy patients from Total Health Systems, where I worked at the time.  I wanted to help my patients follow their home exercise programs.  Those patients that used online training found it much more helpful than six rudimentary drawings on an 8×10 piece of paper. I then started offering a similar service to my personal training clients so they could keep working out when they would be going on a vacation or if they needed a workout to do at home because they couldn’t get to the gym.

In these early days I did a lot of searching on YouTube for the best video of each exercise so my patients and clients could have decent examples to follow.  It took a lot of time to weed through the bad videos. Instead of spending time looking for videos made by someone else, I started creating my own videos. This did save time, but it also gave me a lot more confidence that my clients would be getting consistently good videos of the exercises that I knew would help them.

Uplyft Fitness is Launched

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I wasn’t joking when I said my basement was flooded!

In May of 2017, I left my Fitness Program Director position at Total Health Systems so I could focus on online training. In that year I tried out three different online training platforms, created a logo, created a website, rebuilt my basement gym after two separate floods, and created and edited hundreds of videos. I knew that in order to make this business work, I would need help so I reached out. Sometimes the help was virtual. Sometimes it was real people actually sitting across from me at a coffee shop. With this help I have improved my logo, my website, my email service, and recently hired out my least favorite task, accounting. I have completed my Online Trainer Certification and even survived an audit from the National Athletic Training Association.

As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful for so much. I am so thankful for all those clients who trusted me enough to try out this avenue for training.  The work that I am doing has brought some amazing people into my life. I have worked with clients pre and post-surgery. I have worked with clients with various autoimmune conditions which can make exercising a real challenge.  I’ve helped clients with arthritis, clients who have felt defeated after an online challenge, clients who didn’t feel comfortable at their gym anymore and clients that just could not make their schedule work for a traditional in person training scenario. I’ve worked with clients who had home equipment they did not know what do with – which is common! (Speaking of equipment, if you have been thinking about a TRX for home, see link below.)

As I look back on the year, I can see how it all started with knowing that I could provide the personalization that women over 40 deserve and need.  At first, I did not know exactly how to make this all work, but after doing this for a year I am thrilled with the process and I can’t wait to help even more women. Yes, you can do subscription based workout platforms, but those programs may have too much HIIT, too many squats, and not enough considerations for YOU!  At Uplyft Fitness, your program is customized to you – I consider your needs, your goals, your level of fitness, and your specific requirements when I build your program.

I offer two programs, the JV Program and the Varsity Program. You can learn more about them here. If you aren’t sure which is the right program for you, don’t stress. I am happy to chat with you to figure it out.

My Gift to You!

In celebration of the being in business for over a year, I am including special gifts with both the JV and Varsity programs.  New JV Program clients will get a free set of resistance loops that we will use as part of your program. New Varsity Program clients will get resistance loops and  sliders.  I really started to love these sliders when I was working out at a friend’s gym while my home gym was under water.

But you must hurry, because these gifts are limited. These is not just a cheesy ploy to get you to act quickly. I really only have 10 loop sets and 5 sliders. If you are considering online training, now is a great time! Head over to the home page of my website and sign up for my mailing list to get the code for the special gifts. Then, be sure to fill in your form to set up your free consultation with me. There’s no obligation to sign up but remember the sooner you start the sooner you will be achieving your fitness goals.

I can’t wait to work with you!

PS – Here is that TRX link I promised!



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