Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories from the clients that I have been privileged to work with

I have been working with Laurie for about 1.5 years! I look forward to my weekly workout with her. She is encouraging, upbeat, and knowledgeable. She is conscious of my training schedule as a triathlete, and plans my workouts to best compliment that training.
Erin B

I learned to create time to workout (at home) despite running a restaurant during an unprecedented time. Hello COVID! We adapted for old injuries that previously had derailed my progress and caused frustration. I lost 22 pounds!


I am 80 years old. Since we began working together in December I feel stronger going upstairs, have less pain in my hip and quad and I’m even starting to see improvement in the range of motion and strength in the shoulder with that old rotator cuff injury.  Laurie worked with me at the pace I needed to in order to build up strength and flexibility. Thank you Laurie!


Chronic back pain eliminated, decreased blood pressure medication, and quality of life restored!. I learned when it comes to weight and food portions, what gets measured gets managed. I lost 60 pounds and was able to finish a 5K!


Definitely feeling motivated to add a walk/run interval in at least 1x a week. This mornings active minutes were at 54 and the sun and outdoors felt great for my soul. 


Working with Laurie has transformed the health of my family — myself, husband and 2 teens. She is extremely knowledgeable and never ceases to amaze me in how quickly she can modify an exercise if needed. My husband no longer has shoulder pain, and my kids are learning safe ways to build strength. The ease of converting in person sessions to online workouts surprised us. She evaluated our basement “gym” and made recommendations. We now use our equipment! Communication through the app is simple, and more importantly communication with Laurie is top notch. We feel extremely blessed working with her.

Zsuzsanna P

I celebrated my 57th birthday with a 2-mile swim, a 7-mile bike ride, and resistance training. I followed that up with mowing the lawn including weed whacking!

Laura B.

Laurie is AMAZING!!

She’s been my trainer for over 6 years. I’ve become leaner and stronger over those years.

The workouts in person are incredible. She is fun, insightful and encouraging – while being effective.

The online workouts are equally amazing. They allow me to get the same results while doing the workouts at home. She tailors them to your equipment and your health goals.

Can’t recommend her enough!!!

Darcy C

I have less back pain and when I looked in the mirror WHAT I NOTICED is I have new muscle tone in my arms! My arms looked good! Thank you Laurie!


Laurie is an amazing trainer. I’ve been with her for years. She has help me get through some rough times with my desk job. I sit all day.

Her experience and knowledge and has seen me through some discouraging times. But I have come out very encouraged and smarter.  I’ve become stronger and more aware of what I need to be doing for my health.  I can’t imagine where I would be without her.

She makes it easy to look forward to my workouts! I’ve recommended her to many friends and they feel the same as I do. 

Diane M

Client Feedback – A questionnaire from Cindy K.


1. In 3 sentences or fewer, can you describe any reservations the you had before you starting online training with me?

I was worried it might not fit my needs and limitations. Also, that I wouldn’t know how to do some of the exercises.

2. In 3 sentences or fewer can explain how I was able to help you with your reservations?

Laurie came through and knew exactly what I needed and when. She also gave great videos and instructions.

3. What aspects of our training have you most enjoyed?

Being able to look back and see my progress.

4. Can you describe your 1 or 2 top goals when you started?

Being able to move my surgical hip more and tone my arms.

5. In point form can you list your achievements with training thus far?
  • More weight
  • More reps
  • Longer plank
  • Being able to move easier
  • I’m happiest about balancing on my surgical hip with no holding on
6. Is there anything else that you would like add?

Yes, you are the best. So patient and you push me where I wouldn’t.

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