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Beginner Fitness Mini Course

A 3 Week course designed to get you moving!

Learn how to:

✔️Strengthen your legs and bum with less knee pain

✔️Reduce stubborn bra fat

✔️Improve core strength without hurting your back

✔️My secret weapon for knots and achy joints.

This includes video-based lessons and a live 30 minute personalized video coaching session with Laurie.

1 Payment of $159

Choose Your 12 Week Program

Online Training Program Information

In order for you to get results it’s going to take some work on both of our parts. Achieving your goals can happen – but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you are not able to commit to a minimum of 2 days a week for 12 weeks, as well as eating well 80% of the time, this may not be the optimal time to begin an online training program.


12 Week Commitment Rule:

If you can commit to being active at least 2 days a week for the next 12 weeks as well as to eating well at least 80% of the time you will see and feel results.

Varsity Programs

I named these programs the Varsity Program and the Junior Varsity Program. This is my way of acknowledging the fact that we are all athletes.  Each program includes program design, email support, and monitoring progress through the App and email. I’m your fitness concierge, devoted to your health and fitness. I’ll be here to give you what you need when you need it.

Junior Varsity Online Exclusive Program

$134 every 4 weeks
  • Workouts provided via the Uplyft Fitness App
  • Monthly check-in via video chat
  • Video demos of each exercise
  • Video review of your form
  • UNLIMITED in-app communication, progression, customization, & video review (Expect replies within 48 hours during the week)
  • In-app educational articles
  • Private Facebook Group for technical support, motivational support, group coaching & discussion
  • Exercises customized to your available equipment
  • Exercises specifically chosen for you and your amazing body, even if parts of your body are healing
  • Nutritional consultation

Signature Program:

Life Uplyfted

Life Uplyfted is our flagship program.  It took years to put it together.  Life Uplyfted is a complete life transformation program.  We work together to set up realistic and real time goals to create the healthy life you desire.  This program includes workouts via the app plus a weekly “walk and talk” session. 

Still not sure?

The Varsity Hybrid Program offers the best of both online and in-person personal training.  Our schedules only have to mesh once every 4 weeks, and you get immediate feedback and motivation when we are together.  During our once a month in-person sessions I can get a great sense of your intensity.  I’ll be honest – most people can work harder than they think they can, and when encouraged and supported in real time to push beyond their perceived limits, they often really surprise themselves.  Many clients then strive to take their newfound strength and stamina into the workouts they complete on their own.  Plus if you are recovering from an injury, you may feel somewhat anxious. Having my support in person can decrease this anxiety. 

Also as a Varsity Hybrid client, we talk every week via phone or video.  This regular communication helps keep you accountable and can save you time.  Since we are talking every 2 or 3 workouts you may not feel the need to leave as many notes or feedback about exercises or your workout as a whole.  For busy people, it’s just easier to talk for 13 minutes a week versus taking the time after your workout to leave me notes.  The more feedback I get from you the better I can coach you. 

As a Junior Varsity Online Exclusive Program client, you have more flexibility in your schedule.  I recommend you stick to a regular workout schedule each week, but you never have to match my availability.  This is great for people who travel or have unpredictable schedules. You will schedule a video chat with me every 4 weeks.  This gives us a chance to talk about what went well, what is hard, and what our goals are for the next 4 weeks.  Having that check-in holds us both accountable and prevents you from getting stuck in a rut. 

You have unlimited in-app communication and video review. You can expect that I will provide you feedback within 48 hours during the week.  So you should never have to go into a workout with questions on your mind.  

If you have compromised joints or have a nagging old injury, or are new to working out I recommend the Varsity Hybrid Program.  I really need more interaction with you, and being able to work together in-person really provides me a with a much better sense of your fitness and/or injury.  

As a Life Uplyfted client, you accelerate your fitness. Our weekly “walk and talk” sessions help you stay on track as we map out each week and customize the program to your schedule and needs. 

I hope this answers all of your questions and starts to give you an idea of how online training can help you meet your fitness goals. 

You've Got This!

The hardest part is making the first move – but we both know you can do it.
You’ve faced much bigger challenges than filling out a no obligation form.

Still Have Questions? Contact me with your questions via email. 

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