Online Training Works

Here’s How

Thank you for your interest in online personal training.  I hope to answer most of your questions and give you a clear understanding of all the benefits of working with a personal trainer online.  I am even going to tell you the limitations as well.  Remote coaching is a relatively new concept that is gaining more and more popularity.  

Online coaching is the most effective and affordable way for me to offer my services.

Consider me your fitness concierge.

I’m here for you when you need me and you can trust that I have nothing but your health and fitness as my goals.

Working together online means we have no restrictions on time.

 Our schedules don’t have to mesh. 

You are not “fighting” with another client trying  to get into popular time slots.

 I find that I actually have more frequent communication with online clients than I do with my in person clients.  I can give you precisely what you need, when you need it.  Isn’t that what you deserve?  

The tools we use

In order to give you the direction, accountability and support that you need there are a couple different tools we use. We will use an app to deliver your workouts and leave each other notes.   We use email and/or a weekly/biweekly phone for support, and I look for everyone to help each other out on in our private FaceBook Group.  Some packages may also include a personalized weekly meal plan and grocery list.  

How you get your workouts:

Your workouts are scheduled and delivered to you via an app.  

This video below will give a little glimpse of how the app works.

Once you start  I will give you instructions on downloading the free training App on either iPhone or Android. Everything that we do is contained within this software. Your customized programming, notes, and video demonstrations will show up in your App.  You will also receive reminders of when it’s time to workout.

You may have thought one of the limitations of online training is knowing if you are using correct form.  It’s not as much of a limitation as you may think.   Our App has a feature that allows for you to take video of yourself performing an exercise.  You can then watch the video side by side with the video provided and compare how you look compared to the demonstration video.  I will also see this video and can provide you feedback.   


You will receive personalized  notes within each of your individual workouts.  I leave notes at the beginning of the workout, I leave notes about a circuits and I leave notes about specific exercises.

Email support

Feel free to send me an email anytime. I do have a specific format that helps both of us, but it’s easy to follow.  You can expect responses on Friday’s.

FaceBook Support

You will be invited to a private FaceBook group. This is a place where you can you can post things that motivate you to help motivate others, share recipes, and ask questions.

12 week commitment rule

In order for you to get results it’s going to take some work on both of our parts. This doesn’t happen overnight. If you are not able to commit to 3 months of training with a minimum of 2 days a week, in addition to 90% good eating, then now is not the time. 

If you can commit to 2 days a week for the next 12 weeks and eating clean  90% of the time you will see and feel results.

“Sounds Awesome! Tell me the cost already! ” 

Online coaching is much more cost effective than training in-person. The investment for this coaching program is $100/4 weeks or $200 /4 weeks with a minimum 12 week commitment.  I call them the JV and Varsity program, it’s my way of paying respect to the fact that we are all athletes.  Each program includes program design, email support, and monitoring progress through the App and email. I’m your concierge, devoted to your health and fitness. I’ll be sure to give you what you need when you need it.


Features  / Package    JV Varsity
Cost every 4 weeks $100 $200
Workouts per wk 2 2
Video demos of each exercise yes yes
In app communication, progression and customization Weekly Daily
Email communication (Must be in correct format, expect replies on Friday) Unlimited Unlimited
In app educational articles Yes Yes
Private FB Group for support Yes Yes
Exercises Custom to your  available equipment No Yes
Food log monitoring thru MyFitness Pal and/or weekly meal plans No Yes
Weekly Phone or Skype Call No Yes

“UGHH, I don’t know which one.”

The JV program assumes you have a stability ball, dumbbells and resistance bands.  If you have additional equipment or workout at a gym and want take advantage of all that you have access to you may want to purchase the Varsity program. I will check in weekly to see how your workouts went, I will read the notes you have left for me in the app and then create the next weeks workouts for you.  

The Varsity program, offers more versatility and me checking in more.   I check in with the notes you leave after every workout, if I think I need to change something with your very next workout based off your feedback I will do that. 

With the Varsity Program, we have an opportunity to have a 13 minute every week.   Typically we schedule this to be the same day and time every week.  Sometimes it is just easier to discuss your workout together.  For those who are not too keen on leaving notes and feedback the call really helps me help you.  

If you have compromised joints or have a nagging old injury, I recommend the Varsity program.  I really need more interaction with you than the JV program offers.  I want to actually talk to you weekly, and I need to check in with your feedback after every workout.  

I hope this answers all of your questions and starts to give a you an idea of how great online training can be.  

Check out what  Zsuzanna said about online training.

Working with Laurie has transformed the health of my family — myself, husband and 2 teens. She is extremely knowledgeable and never ceases to amaze me in how quickly she can modify an exercise if needed. My husband no longer has shoulder pain, and my kids are learning safe ways to build strength. The ease of converting in person sessions to online workouts surprised us. She evaluated our basement “gym” and made recommendations. We now use our equipment! Communication through the app is simple, and more importantly communication with Laurie is top notch. We feel extremely blessed working with her.

Your next step is a phone consultation.  Start by filling out the info below, with your phone number and 3 times you have available in the next 3 days.  We will discuss your exercise history, health history, goals, available equipment, and decide between JV and Varsity.  We will also determine if we need to do a video movement screening before we get started. Plan on the phone consultation taking about 30 minutes.