Your 2021 Goal Setting & Fresh Start Workbook

Can you believe that we’re almost looking at July?!

This is the perfect time to check in on how you’re doing with your 2021 goals for the year.

Remember when we set goals back in January?

Are you where you’d hoped you’d be in terms of your progress … or are those goals a distant memory?

As we’ve taken a deep dive into aging this month, it can be pretty eye-opening to realize that your goals are about SO MUCH MORE than what size jeans you’re wearing.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having weight- or size-related goals.

But the incredible thing is that those results are often a SIDE EFFECT of something else:

Focusing on your overall health and wellness!

This realization can be a huge mindset shift – a shift that’s empowering and exciting.

It can shift your thinking in a way that helps you build a lifestyle that you can live with year-round vs. one that’s temporary.

The steps you take now can have a powerful impact on how you feel (and live) later.

Steps like …

  • Creating a fitness plan that leaves you feeling energized, centered, and strong and helps you be active through the years.
  • Eating healthy, delicious meals that satisfy you and 1) support your health and 2) get you the results you’re after.
  • Reducing stress and improving your sleep.
  • Building strong social connections that help you feel better mentally and physically.

If you’re not on track with your 2021 goals … it’s time to do what it takes to get there!

Grab your copy of my goal-setting workbook.  Just click below to email me and say “I need a fresh start, can I get a copy of your Goal setting workbook?”  I will get one out to you right away!


If your current fitness plan is overwhelming, leaving you exhausted, or even worse not appreciating your amazing body even with all its quirks, we need to talk! 

I have helped hundreds of women learn to work with their bodies’ quirks (aches and pains) so they can live their best-uplifted life. 


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The 12 week “Life Uplyfted” program

  • Lose 10-12 pounds in 12 weeks
  • In-app education and coaching followed by weekly “walk and talk” sessions.
  • Workouts provided via the Uplyft Fitness App.
  • Feel good about yourself and glow with confidence
  • Learn to have a healthy relationship with food

I would love to be part of your health & wellness journey.  Every life change starts with 1 small step.  Take that first step today by scheduling a quick 10-minute chat.   

Click here to schedule yours today.

Don’t wait! In order to provide personalized attention and care to my clients, I am only taking on 2 new clients in the month of July.  My hubby is having shoulder surgery and he is going to need some additional personalized care in July too.

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