Which Should I Do First: Strength Training Exercises Or Cardio?

Last month I shared with you a question I hate to get.  (missed it, see it here)

Today I am going to share a common question I love to answer.



strenght training or cardio
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This is a hot fitness topic and the answer depends on a few different things, but the quick response is …


Part of the reason I love to answer this question is that there really is a lot of things to factor in.  And I love being that part of the conversation to help you factor everything in.  A live conversation with a health professional is definitely more beneficial than just asking Google.

Let’s dig in a little bit into why the quick response is strength training.

Strength training requires more anaerobic effort – aka quick, powerful bursts of energy.

Doing strength training first means you’ll have more energy to perform them properly and safely… giving you better results from your efforts.

Cardio, meanwhile, requires more aerobic effort – aka moderate, sustained energy, that isn’t as taxing on your system. 

Unless of course, you are doing intervals.  HIIT is pretty taxing on your system.

See why it’s best to have a conversation?  

If you are in a commercial gym doing cardio first means you are leaving a wet sweaty mess on each piece of equipment you are using after your cardio.  

No matter where you do your cardio first after about 20 minutes of strength training, your body temp drops you start to get cool. You might even get goosebumps. 

Now you may be hurrying through your resistance because you are cold.  Or maybe you start rushing through it because you are cold and just want to be done.  

If you are able to fight through the goosebumps, and you make it to the 40-minute mark post cardio session, now you are likely to start to stink. 

So lots to consider

The real-life answer comes down to your goals & personal preference.

If you like doing cardio first, then that’s A-OK. Do it first. The most important thing is that you actually WORK OUT!

Here is another tip- you don’t have to do cardio and strength back to back, you don’t have to do it on the same day. And this is where having a conversation with me is the next best thing to just reading this article.

Feel free to schedule a free quick chat by clicking here. 


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