Personal Training VS Online Coaching

I worked in a traditional large commercial gym for over 10 years. Then I moved to a smaller multi-disciplinary clinic.

I was doing my best and getting results.  Patients had less pain and felt stronger and some continued down the path of fitness well after their insurance stopped paying. 

But deep down I knew I could do more and serve my clients better.

Something was missing.

I could feel in my heart and soul that my clients needed more help than I was giving them.  

I didn’t know how to do more. 

Looking back I can see some of it was limited by my own knowledge but we were also limited because we (myself and the client) had in our mind what personal training looked like. 

Personal training was a one-hour session, 2-3x a week for at least 36 sessions.  During that session, I would educate, and encourage my client to push through the workout I had created for them.  Maybe we would spend a few minutes at the beginning or end looking at a food log.  (I have been in the field so long, we used paper, not an app) I might tell them no more fat-free Twizzlers or how about cutting that bagel in half instead of eating the full thing.  

It wasn’t until I hired a coach myself to help me that I started to see that coaching healthy changes doesn’t truly happen during a workout. There is simply not enough time to do it all.   There is not enough time during a workout to teach, and correct, exercises while also helping a client create true behavior change.  

Working with my own coach…

> I realized that it was about working with my clients and helping them to fill in the gaps, asking great questions, NOT telling.

> Supporting clients outside of the gym, helping to piece it all together so that it becomes the ‘norm’ a way of life.

> Helping to set realistic outcomes and manage expectations so that they fit into a busy lifestyle WITHOUT having to starve and give up the nice things in life.

> Empowering clients to be able to do it for themselves so that they don’t need me after the program finishes, but I’m there as support when I’m needed.

Truth is I get better results now than I did working on the gym floor.

Today I can help more people because clients have regular coaching calls with me.  I still provide workouts, some live, and some via the Uplyft Fitness app. But the changes happen in those valuable coaching calls. 

So, if you’re constantly struggling to get a handle on your health and fitness, and you keep stopping and starting or even worse getting hurt, message me. 

We can have a no-commitment, no pressure,  chat.  We will explore how a customized exercise program AND coaching calls can help you overcome obstacles once and for all.  

Click here https://uplyft.fitness/get-started-now/


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