Considering a “Sugar Detox”?

I have heard women brag about giving up sugar, how much weight they lost, how great they feel etc.   

It is likely you will talk to someone in the next few weeks that will share how great they feel after giving up sugar. 

Before you go jump on the sugar detox bandwagon and find the whole process exhausting, too hard,  and too unrealistic, thus leaving you feeling like you can’t be successful at health, let’s consider a few things:

  • It is very hard to give up sugar for the rest of your life
  • It is a bit easier to give up sugar for a short amount of time
  • It is easier yet to decrease eating things with added sugar.

If you want to “give up sugar” start with what you know you can be successful with. 

For your sugar detox or new “no-sugar” lifestyle

1) Start by being aware of the names under which sugar can hide.

Download the list here.

2) Read labels, and keep a daily count of how many grams of sugar you consume. Look it up for fruits and veggies that don’t have a label.  Write down your total, don’t keep it in your head, as you will mess up the count.  Then work to decrease this number. 

3) New snack options that have less sugar.  

Download a list of snack ideas here

After you have decreased your sugar consumption, have lost weight, and feel amazing, PLEASE PLEASE don’t brag about giving up sugar.  Call it what it is, you watched how much sugar you consumed. Then keep being aware!    

Sugar is a broad term, it might be best to think of giving up processed sugar.  For example, the sugar in an orange or a carrot is natural, not processed. The sugar in the milk comes from lactose, also a natural sugar.  This gets into the differences between sucrose, lactose, fructose, etc.  Who has time for all that?  Start where you can be successful. Start with just counting how many grams of sugar you consume a day and decrease it over time.  

I work with women over  40 who have had an all-or-nothing approach to diets and or fitness. I help these women find the happy place between all or nothing while reaching goals and discovering they can work out, be healthy and eat the cake. We start with small goals that we both know you can achieve.  

If you are ready to find the happy place between all or nothing, reach out for a no-pressure 10-minute chat to learn how Uplyft Fitness services can help you.  Click here



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