Considering a “Sugar Detox”?

I have heard women brag about giving up sugar, how much weight they lost, how great they feel etc.    It is likely you will talk to someone in the next few weeks that will share how great they feel after giving up sugar.  Before you go jump on the sugar detox...

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Your Mid-Life Fitness Prescription

The old days of “no pain, no gain” are definitely in our rear-view mirror.  With, lived-in joints, sleepless nights, and chronic low levels of stress, it’s time to look at the minimum effective dose for results. Getting just enough exercise to maintain or improve your...

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My Non-Negotiable  

  Knowing and understanding what is important to you during your current season in life plays a big role in setting up your healthy habits (especially when it comes to your workouts, and especially if you are premenopausal). As roles and responsibilities  change...

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Personal Training VS Online Coaching

I worked in a traditional large commercial gym for over 10 years. Then I moved to a smaller multi-disciplinary clinic. I was doing my best and getting results.  Patients had less pain and felt stronger and some continued down the path of fitness well after their...

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The Common Question I Get Asked, That I Just Dread. 

There are a handful of questions I get asked very frequently. This is one that I dread the most “What’s your favorite protein?”  I dread it because I don’t use protein supplements often.  What can I say I love to eat!  (I have a husband who enjoys cooking and often...

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