Screw the Push Up

Push ups are a staple of any good resistance training program. Pushing is one of the key foundational movements of our life. We need to be able to push things away, we need to be able to push things off of us, and we need to be able to push ourselves up off the floor....

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Reflections on Sober in October 2017

Originally posted November 1, 2017  Gosh, shots look like so much fun! Haha! The Sober in October challenge came about because I was curious. I was curious as to what would happen. Would I miss alcohol? Would it be hard? Would I lose weight (not that this was a goal...

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How Does Your Fitness Plan Stack Up?

I don’t have anything new nor have I packaged anything together with a shiny bow.  I am not going to tell you what program or what machine you should be doing for the ultimate results in 2018. What I would like to do is invite you to take a look at what your fitness...

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