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Meet Laurie Moro

Laurie Moro

Laurie Moro

Licensed & Certified Athletic Trainer


Hi, I’m Laurie Moro, a Licensed and Board Certified Athletic Trainer with over 20 years of experience in helping people improve their fitness. My education and wide range of experience in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and fitness has taught me how to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. But what I’ve also learned is that there is more to it than knowing what to do. It’s having someone who understands the overwhelm, and knows how to support you so you can achieve your fitness goals. 

Over the years, I have seen how hard it is for many women to include fitness and self care in their lives. I’ve heard some common themes that keep coming up when I talk to women. I know that going to a gym can be overwhelming whether you are just starting, or resuming, a fitness routine. I know that many of you feel like you can’t live up to some ideal body image or a crazy, super strict bootcamp or diet, so you give up on fitness. I know that some of you have given up because you’re afraid of injuring yourself. Or because working out has caused you pain in the past. Or because you have been given a completely unrealistic starting point. Sound familiar?

The good news is that I am here to help you in ways that work for you!  You can consider me your Fitness Concierge. I am dedicated to working with women 40 and up who are ready to make their fitness a priority, and need some help to set and achieve fitness goals. Let’s talk about how you can get started with a customized online fitness program with me as your trainer!

“Consider me your Fitness Concierge “

Laurie Moro, Founder of Uplyft Fitness

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine
  • Board Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Metabolic Specialist
  • Fitness Program Director
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Provider

Our Mission

Uplyft Fitness empowers women over 40 to enjoy active, fulfilling lifestyles. We deliver easily accessible, customized athletic training programs that support women at all levels of fitness in improving strength and mobility.

Our Programs Are:


Our programs empower you to take charge of your health and wellbeing while providing the personalized support that aids in your success.


Our programs give you the energy to do more in life, whether it’s getting down on the ground to play with your dog or preparing to climb a mountain – and everything in between.


Our programs have been developed by a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and are built upon evidence-based best practices that have your long-term wellbeing in mind.


Our programs evolve with the times. We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest research in health, fitness, and technology and integrating this research into your custom program.

Easily Accessible

Our programs fit into your schedule, and are accessible anytime, anywhere via your smart phone.

You've Got This!

The hardest part is making the first move – but we both know you can do it.
You’ve faced much bigger challenges than filling out a no obligation form.

Our Mascot

Coach Kami

Coach Kami

Uplyft Fitness Mascot

Coach Kami was loved by and brought joy to many in her 11 years with the Moro family. Kami was a Vizsla, a breed that is known for their energy, athleticism, and affection. They are often called “Velcro Vizslas” because they love to be close to their people. Coach Kami represented her breed well. Kami embodied the Velcro Vizsla spirit. She loved being in the woods with Laurie and Carl and accompanying Laurie on runs and track workouts.  Kami often insisted on helping in-person clients with their workouts –  she would drop a ball at their feet when she required just a few more hip hinges out of each client. Just like humans, Kami was happiest and at her best when she was active. Kami’s spirit and memory lives on in the Uplyft Fitness videos she appears in, and in our hearts.

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