Reflections on Float

 (Including how to avoid making my mistake)

I noticed ReViVe back in the fall and was curious about it.  I finally stopped into ReVive Float Spa, located in Shelby Township, after seeing two friends post about their amazing experience on FaceBook.

I met both the owners and received a tour.  There are two big bathtub pods, each in a private room that has its own shower. Each pod had 1000 pounds of salt added to the water, so of course you are going to float. There are healing properties to being in that salt and being weightless.

I was a little disappointed to learn there was no jets or massaging going on, but I was VERY intrigued by the healing benefits of an hour of weightless relaxation. If you know me, I am very open to alternative type of therapies, and I really like digging in and learning the science behind it.

After the tour I was very excited to share it with my husband, Carl.  I found out the availability they had over the next two days. I went home and shared it with Carl. He was not so sure at first, but he sensed my excitement and agreed to try it the next day at 3:00. (I love the flexibility of training clients online)

One of the private rooms, with shower and pod.

We arrived about 15 minutes before our scheduled float to fill out paperwork and get instructions. Al explained all health benefits including:

-Faster recovery

-Reduced blood pressure
-Pain relief
-Reduction of swelling
-Decrease of stress and anxiety
-Enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities
-Relief from Insomnia
-Migraine relief

As I look at that list, I think about many of my clients who suffer from many of those things listed.

The Science of Floating

You can read more about it the benefits of salt here:

After a brief search for the research behind the benefits of floating I found, that a 2007 study, Swedish Research Council. “Floating Effective For Stress And Pain, Research Suggests.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 6 November 2007,

“Through relaxing in floating tanks, people with long-term fibromyalgia, for instance, or depression and anxiety felt substantially better after only twelve treatments…

Relaxing in a weightless state in the silent, warm floating tank activates the body’s own system for recuperation and healing… The findings confirm and reinforce our earlier studies on the effects of relaxing in a floating tank”.

Click here for more research on the benefits of floating.

What to expect

The recommended attire is your birthday suit. They provide you a towel, and ear plugs. If you have cuts or scrapes you may want to use the petroleum jelly that is provided.

Before washing off in the shower you want to put in your ear plugs. Then you step into the shower and wash all oils and lotions off with the body wash provided. You also need to wash your hair. They provide shampoo also. (If you recently had your hair colored, you probably want to wait, because if the dye comes out in the tub, it’s $600!)


I was little unsure about the silicon ear plugs, but now I know, if you hold them in you hand a minute they will soften and will form perfectly to your ears.

Once showered and cleaned off, I got into the pod. I kinda felt like I was in a science fiction movie. (Anyone see Passengers?) The water is 98.6 degrees, just like our body temp. So it’s not really like stepping into a hot tub but it’s not cold either. I got in and closed the pod, I wondered if I was going to be a little claustrophobic, but I wasn’t it all.

Once in there, I felt a little bit like a little kid in a big bathtub, I remember thinking, “Where’s the toys, where’s the rubber ducky? I am just going to lay here for an hour. This is so strange.” I laid down and you just float, you are weightless.

I elected to leave the blue light on, but you can change the color. Different colors may help elicit different feelings. There is also peaceful music playing, I left that on for awhile but eventually just wanted it quiet and turned it off. You can choose your music, Al, said he has one floater that likes to listen to Megadeath. To each his own, I guess.

Al had explained that you will want to play with your arm position. So I moved my arms behind my head, at my sides, then I found myself wondering all kinds of things, like why is my left toe sticking out of the water more than my right big toe, am I rotating, why do I keep floating to the right, and why is my neck feeling tight. The brain just keep running and observing. I think this is pretty normal on your first float. Al, says it take a good 3 floats before you really get the hang of it and can relax.

It may look a little strange, but the feeling is amazing!  Don’t forget to bring in your fresh water spray bottle. 

I did eventually really relax and it was amazing. I had that sense of peace, relaxation, and centeredness that I feel after yoga. An amazing feeling of peace with all the added benefits of salt. Just like at the end of yoga I began to wonder how much time was left, how long can I stay in the wonderful space. You know your float is over when it starts bubbling again.

Learn from my mistake!

Don’t make the same mistake I made, don’t itch your face! I itched my check, and water from my hand dripped on my face and eventually rolled into my eye! Peace and tranquility GONE! UGGHHH!!! Fortunately, you have a spray bottle full of fresh water for just this instance. I sprayed my hand, I sprayed my face and eventually the burn went away. You can also take the dry wash cloth they provide and have it in the pod with you but off to the side on a shelve. Then if you need to you can spray with fresh water and wipe your face should you need too.

Both Carl and I came out our pod room with big goofy grins on our face! Carl felt so good he booked another visit before we even left.

Our bodies are very resilient and have an amazing capacity to heal, the natural benefits of floating can help our bodies do what they are designed to do.

Benefits can be felt after just one float but consecutive floats are recommended for pain and chronic conditions.

Give yourself and your loved one the gift of weightlessness, peace, relaxation, and salt. It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Plus in the month of Feb. you can get 2 floats for $98.00.

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