How does your 2018 fitness plan stack up?

I don’t have anything new nor have I packaged anything together with a shiny bow.  I am not going to tell you what program or what machine you should be doing for the ultimate results in 2018.   What I would like to do is invite you to take a look at what your fitness plan for 2018 and see if it meets all my recommendations.  If  your plan does not have all the pieces in place not, we can see what is available to help you along.

Lets me start by saying, I am not opposed to the latest trends and buzzwords in fitness.  Workout trends give us something to talk about,  and something to be a part of.   New trends have a sparkle to them that we just can’t resist.  Trainers can fall for them too, just like you.  Nothings wrong with sparkle as long as it is safe and not making unrealistic expectations.  So if some new fitness sparkle has caught your attention and gets your excited, awesome.  

Be aware though that some workout trends are safe for some, but not all.  In addition many workout trends are only providing PART of what is needed for a well rounded, smart, safe, sustainable workout plan.  

To make sure your plan is well rounded, smart, safe and sustainable I recommend listening to Coach Kami, you should be BARKing…

Coach Kami gives her licks of encouragement.

(B)Breathless – 30 – 45 total minutes per week

(A)Activity- every hour, all day long

(R)Resistance Training (including mobility and balance work)  2 – 3x week

(K)Kid around  – rest of the time

(amounts and intensities may vary based on goals and current life situation)

Feeling unsure about what is right for you, email me let’s talk about it during a free consultation.  Contact and Schedule with Me



Getting breathless, provides good stress for your heart, high calorie burn rate, and the much appreciated therapeutic effect of endorphins.

Getting breathless is not just doing cardio exercise, but really driving your heart rate and literally getting breathless for minutes at a time during various intervals.

Does your workout plan provide a way to get breathless with intervals 1 – 2 x week totaling 30 to 45 min?

Want to know more about cardio programing, or even learn how I can customize a plan for you and your current fitness level and goals, watch this video about metabolic testing. Metabolic Testing


 Be active every hour, all day long. Don’t sit more than an hour,  and get 10,000 steps per day.

These activities throughout the day add up to healthy joints and muscles.  Keeping joints moving and lubricated with movement is vital for joint health, especially if you have some arthritic changes setting in.

12-woman-checking-fitness-trackerBeing active every hour is a lifestyle that takes a little effort and thinking ahead. Having a activity tracker is great way to hold yourself accountable to that activity. Getting an activity tracker like a FitBit, (Do you need a Heart Rate Monitor or a Fitness Tracker? ) can hold yourself accountable to just how active or inactive you are through out the day.   Many of them now will also remind you when you have been sitting for too long!  Personally I just love this feature!  

Even if you workout an hour a day almost daily, how active are you the other hours of the day.  I believe it’s the other activities mixed in throughout the day that add more than we realize to our overall health, productivity, and quality of life.

Our bodies are designed to move, and designed to move often.

 Some of the ways I find to remain active throughout the day is to  leave “chores” to be done, so I have something to do when it’s time to get up from the computer or a Netflix binge night.  Also try walking while talking on the phone.  (Funny my mom always had to have a long cord on the house phone so she could walk all over the place. Mom’s always know what’s right)

Resistance training 

2 -3 x week including balance and mobility work.  

Resistance training is needed for lean muscle mass.   Muscle burns more calories than fat.  And if we may all be a little vain here for a second, muscles look better than fat.  From a health standpoint, a quality of life standpoint, resistance, balance and mobility work is essential for a long quality of life.  

Is your 2018 fitness plan providing 2 -3 x week of resistance, balance and mobility work? 

If you are not sure, no worries, you are not alone.   Even former athletes find themselves lost or unsure when looking at a dumbbell rack.  As we age, as our goals change, as our bodies change the resistance workout you may find success with is likely going to be different from what what you did in high school or college.  Not only that, we know so much more about program design.  

Unsure about it?  I would be more than happy to talk to you about it.  Click Here to schedule a time with me. No commitments just you and I talking about your plan.  

Kid Around!  

 Enjoy fun activities with friends and family.  This is why you take care of yourself, so you can hike to a gorgeous view, so you can x-c ski, so you have a snowball fight, so you

Getting up close with the deer in Glacier National Park. 

can shovel your walk, or better yet go somewhere warm and enjoy an exotic excursion.

The best workout plan for you is the one that you like and can stick to.  Recognize what you might need some coaching, and/or accountability with certain parts.  If you love cycle class, great, make sure you balance it out with lower intensities days, and resistance training.  If you love to lift weights great,  but don’t forget to be active all day long.  Maybe you run almost daily and easily get 10 – 20,000 steps a day that doesn’t mean you sit around the rest of day.

Best of luck to YOU as you take on 2018!  Thank you for your continued support of  UpLyft Fitness!  I am looking forward to bringing you more and more quality, science based information to you!



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