Updating the home gym for 2018

I hope you had a great holiday! 
I was just taking some of my holiday cash and making some updates to my own home gym and thought you might be thinking about doing the same thing.  
So let me share with you some of the things I love in my home gym, that you just might enjoy too.  (I am sharing affiliate links with you. That means if you shop using one of these links you are supporting UpLyft Fitness.)  

 Equalizer Bars 

I use these bars for legs, chest, back and triceps. 
It is very challenging to get pulling motions at home without equipment.  For many people who primarily workout out at home you may only  have the bent over row with a dumbbell as your option.   
Add the bars to your home gym you can add underhand and overhand pulling variations to your routine.  (Absolutely necessary if you are looking to work on that “bra fat”)
If your goal is to do a full push up in 2018, using these bars are a great way to build up the core and upper body strength needed for an unmodified push up from the the floor.
Right now these bars are shipping within 48 hours and are offering $10 off. They even come in pink or chrome.


If you have followed me for a while you know how much I love the TRX.  The TRX is a great investment no matter what your fitness level!
I have used it with physical therapy patients who need to work on mobility and flexibility, and strengthening.  I have also used it with advanced competitive athletes. 
TRX offers how to videos, and even an app to help teach you how to use it.  (Of course, if you want a much more personalized approach I would recommend working with me online versus just using a cookie cutter app but that option is there for you.)  

 Resistance Bands on Uplyft YouTube

If you are looking to add something to your home gym but not spend a lot of money. Try adding some resistance bands.  There are long and short that work great for various muscles groups.   Power Systems Bands are the ones I prefer.  (FYI, if you are planning to  or already have signed up for JV or Varsity Online Training, don’t purchase the short ones, because surprise, I send them to you as a gift.)  
And just is case you are looking for anything I did not mention.  I recommend checking out Perform Better
That’s who got my money this morning.  
Thank you for following and liking UpLyft’s FaceBook Page.  Lots more creditable education and information coming your way in 2018.  You can support UpLyft by sharing our information and continuing to like our posts.

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