Getting the to heart of Cardio

It’s all about the BASE.

Cardio you know you need it, but maybe you are not sure if you need intervals, HIIT Training, slow and steady, or maybe just doing it​ is enough.  

Check out this FREE event that will help you get a better understanding of what all the different cardio programs are about and the 2 things you really need to know to make your cardio count.  Plus get a great indoor cycle ride taught by one of Macomb’s most beloved cycle instructors,  Kim Hennigan.

This event will be on Sunday Oct 29 from 9:00 – 11:00am.  Held at ChampCycle, at 23 Mile and Romeo Plank.

This event is geared towards triathletes/endurance athletes but the information applies to everyone and anyone who does cardio exercise. (Triathletes just do their cardio 3 different ways )

During this FREE event we will:

1. Hear from metabolic testing and heart rate training expert, Laurie Moro, about the importance of base training.

2. Witness a volunteer go through the VO2 Max test on a bike.

3. Discuss winter training plans for new and veteran triathletes.

4. Participate in a FREE Spin Class at ChampCycle (23 mile and Romeo Plank)

5. Win prizes from Coeur Sports and Total Health Systems.

To participate, you must RSVP going and reserve your bike:

To reserve your bike, use the following instructions:

1.) Create an account on the ChampCycle App (iPhone or Android) or

2.) Click on “Reserve” for the Coeur Sports Triathlon Ride on October 29th

3.) Choose a bike in the studio (I love this place, I love the technology they use to motivate you both in the class and then with feedback and stats after class)  

4.) Add the Coeur Sports Group Ride to your account

5.) After processing, your reservation and bike number will be confirmed!

Please email with any questions in regards to signing up.

All other questions can be directed to

Shoot, I guess I need to go save my bike now too!

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