Your trainer doesn’t always want to workout

Personal trainers are real people, we are just like you!

Personal trainers get stressed, get overwhelmed, get sick, and even gain weight.

Guess what else, sometimes we don’t want to workout.

I realize that I am fortunate to enjoy working out, to know how to come up with a workout and change it as needed. I also realize and give thanks that this is what I do to make money. (Seriously how cool is that?)

Today,  however,  I did not want to workout! Like really did not want to workout!

A restless night, congestion and 4 days without an organized workout makes it hard to get back in the grove. (Staying Sober in October did not help the motivation today)

This was exactly why I had to follow every trainer’s advice “Never Miss a Monday”

Try the 10 minute trick

I actually knew my 10 minute trick was not going to work. Do you know this trick?

If you don’t feel like working out you make a deal with yourself.

Start your workout, go for 10 minutes if you still don’t want to do it, then stop. 1 or 2x in my life have I actually stopped.  I would tell you how many times I have made this deal with myself, but I really don’t have any idea.  MOST of the time after 10 minutes you feel better and you figure you might as well finish it.

New Tricks for this old dog

Kami learns new “trick”

I needed a new trick for today. I set my timer for 30 minutes and made a deal with myself, you don’t have to make it a hard workout, you don’t have to do conditioning drills, you don’t have to work till failure, you just have to keep moving for 30 minutes. I grabbed my TRX and promised to not let go of it for 30 minutes.

I started with easy, easy, stuff and of course as I got moving I got more motivated and did some more challenging exercises. I never did get into zone, it was a struggle the whole time and I looked at my watch probably 10 times. 10 X! Seriously! And at 30 min and 3 seconds I stopped.

Sometimes your workout is not about making progress, it’s about your own self care, your own stress relief, your own therapy, and that does not mean it doesn’t count, it’s these workouts that count the most.



Since I mentioned the TRX, and even gave you link I want you to know

1) They are $30 off via that link right now

2) You can see me using the TRX on my YouTube channel Uplyft fitness and on Total Health Systems Channel

And lastly

3) I legally have to tell I am a TRX affiliate and get paid if you purchase thru my link.


Oh, one more thing, if you are want training with a trainer who sometimes has to trick herself into getting a workout done, apply to be an online client with me! I want to get in shape! I promise it doesn’t hurt to just fill out the form and if we are not a right fit, no harm done, no pressure!

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