Be Mobile

 Leg Swings

Working with athletes (you are an athlete, we are all athletes) with worn, experienced, lived in, joints I see over and over how limited mobility is the weakest link for many of us.

Tight hips can may be part of the reason a person experiences sore knees, or low back pain.  Increasing blood flow with these dynamic drill may help loosen you up in the morning .

Tight hips may be limiting your range of motion during your workout so warming them up, giving these power houses some  love before you ask too much of them may go a long way.

Hold onto something, a table, or chair, wall or pole.

Start small

Gradually let the leg swing a bit farther, a bit faster and maybe a bit higher, but you must keep your hips level, and don’t lean forward or back. Keep the motion coming from the hip.

Let the leg just be free and let it swing.

This is a great way to loosen the hips. Many people do not realize their hips are tight until they have a problem or start to challenge their mobility. So give it a try and see for yourself.

If you have tried these and found it has been helpful please comment below and share it with your friends. They will thank you for it, and I will thank you for it!


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