It’s Loud, It’s Primal, It’s Sexy oh and It’s Yoga.


The Decision To Go

Saturday afternoon it was HOT, like not just hot for fall, but hot even if we were in the middle of summer.

FaceBook gently reminded me that I was interested in an event that afternoon. Buti Yoga!

I had not worked out and I needed to, so I thought this will be perfect. As soon as I made the decision to go, I was nervous. I felt that little flutter in my stomach and quickly I was looking for an acceptable reason not to go. So “I thought go ahead and watch the Video it will get ya pumped.” ( I highly recommend clicking the Video, you gotta see it!)


After watching the Video, I am really thinking of reasons not to go.  For example, I told my husband I would buy mums this weekend, I need to prep food for the week, I need to exchange those knobs at Home Depot, all BS excuses.

But wait,  I like to things out of comfort zone. (or at least I keep telling myself that. My mom calls that affirming it, I call it faking it till you believe it, I think it’s all the same) Being out of our comfort zone is how we grow. For me it also keeps me connected to how clients can feel, trying a new gym, a new studio, a new class or a new trainer.

I go thru all the same feelings you do. Who is going to be there? Will they all have done it before? What if I can’t follow along? Will I be the oldest one? Will they all know each other?

I learned of the event from FB friend Anthony SanAgustin. We had a mutual friend, who said she was also going. That made me feel a little better about going. I would at least know her.

The event was scheduled at a place I had never been (gulp new place, what to expect?), but had driven by a number of times. I have driven by and thought wow a metaphysical book store so close to me, I should stop in one day. But fear of the unknown and feeling like I didn’t have time always got in the way. (I probably did have time, but the fear of the unknown makes you think funny)

IMG_8221The Mind’s eye, is located on 21 Mile and Hayes. It “is a specialty retail store and healing and meditation center designed to educate individuals in the fields of alternative health and healing, philosophical traditions, and metaphysics.” They offer on going programs, including a Thursday night meditation, Aromatherapy 101, and classes including AERIAL Yoga! (Who wants to join me for that?)

This Buti-Yoga event was a fundraiser for healthy snacks for High School students during their state testing.

Our instructor was Brittany SanAgustin. Brittany is just a treat! Unfortunately, for me and Macomb, Brittany lives and works in Grand Rapids. So for my Grand Rapids friends and family, you can check out some of Brittany’s classes at MVP Metro Sports Club in downtown GR.

Brittany is also “an medical massage therapist- big believer in the power of touch.” She explained to me that she “tries to bring western modalities together in unison with traditional yogic practices in my vinyasa classes . That being said, I think Buti is a whole other primitive level that I think needs to be tapped into more. Makes people feel more alive – more human- more connected to the world around them.”

Feeling Alive and Sweaty!

Well let me tell ya, I felt alive, I felt human, I felt reconnected to myself, my spiritual self. I also felt my HR go up and I felt sweaty. I am a trainer to the core, (no pun intended) so I could not help but look at the class from a fitness or exercise physiology perspective.

It’s everything you expect Yoga to be, but with loud music with powerful drums, with jumps, and other cardio surges.

Athletic-woman-doing-doing-yoga-pose-to-stretch-backThere were times when my upper body was screaming. I was humbled by the fact that I can do multiple sets of 15 toe push ups but keep me in a certain pose for more than 30 seconds and I am dying.

A few moves later and now my butt was killing me. Again I can squat and lunge but ask me to do a down dog with a leg lift and I am dying.

This is a great example of why it’s good to mix things up for yourself. Don’t always do the same type of workouts requiring the same energy system. If you need help mixing up your workout routine I can help. Ask me how at Uplyft Fitness.  Or  apply to be involved with one on my online groups UpLyft Me Laurie!

Over all the class was amazing. The movements are powerful, and all engaging. If you are into chakras you will like that it opens up the lower two. If you have tight hips or low back you will find the movements will help loosen you up while increasing your awareness of your core.

This class can fulfill your weekly flexibility/yoga requirement, while it can also count as a cardio workout. I enjoy Yoga and find so many benefits when I am regular about my practice, but I have not be regular with my practice for years. Cardio and weight training were a higher priority for me. It is a real possibility to add in this Yoga practice, count it as a cardio, and a Yoga day. It gives you both!

Brittany and I after Buti Yoga. She may or may not be standing on her toes. 😉

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