Ok you want to get in shape! Awesome!

But have you considered WHERE you get back into shape?

What worked in the past, might not be your best option now.

Basically you have 3 choices.

1) Home

2) Commercial gym

 3) Studio

If you worked out in the past, start by looking at if that  scenario is a possibility now.  Then take a look at why that worked.  Could it work for the same reasons now, or has your life changed? If so we need to look at what might work for you now, in this season of your life. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of each option. Lets start with your very own home.

Home Gym

You may think the first disadvantage is that you need to buy equipment, but in actuality  if you know what to do you can do a lot with your own body weight.  But the key is knowing what to do and then not getting bored.  I will admit no equipment workouts do tend to get boring after a few months. (but so do many workouts)This is a place to start.  Set goals, set money aside and earn yourself new equipment.  (I will be writing more about setting up your home gym in the future) 

How easy is is to just go downstairs or into the spare bedroom to get your workout done? Even if the gym is just around the corner, going downstairs is much easier than battling traffic even if the gym is right around the corner.   When many of us are struggling  just find that 30  min to workout, staying at home saves the commute time.  I admit I love prepping dinner, throwing it in the oven, checking on it between sets, pulling it out at the end of my workout and digging in after my shower.  

Some may feel that they are not as motivated at home.  It’s motivating when you see other people working hard, its motivating to see the same faces week after week, it’s fun to pick up new moves from people. Some people feel like they workout harder when there other people around.  It’s ok to need to be motivated others, just recognize it and look for at gym or studio options.   

While some people like being around others for motivation,  others don’t want to be around others while they make faces, and sweat. Some people feel like they are being watched, laughed at, or checked out when they are at the gym.  So working out at home may feel more comfortable for these people. 

At home you get to watch your shows and even change the channel or better yet catch up on your DVR recordings.   You can look at yourself in the mirror without anyone thinking bad about you just checking yourself out.  Or you can chose to not to have mirrors. (but I don’t recommend this, mirrors are very important for form. If you don’t know how important form is and how a mirror can help, lets talk )

Even for the most committed workout people sometimes life can get in the way when you are at home.  If you have young kids, it is likely they won’t leave you alone to get a workout done.  Sometimes you just want to get one more thing done before your workout, ie, fold the towels, empty the dishwasher, pay a few bills, check the mail, or how about read an great fitness blog or watch a fitness video on YouTube.  (or for me today, it’s I just want to finish this blog before I go workout) 

Some of you may be looking for a reason to get out of the house. Not that you don’t love your family but sometimes we all need a little time away.  So the gym might be a healthy place to get away for an hour.  A much better choice than sharing a glass of wine or a beer with the neighbor. 

If you need help setting up your home gym, I can help!  Start by checking out my Home Gym Pinterest board. https://www.pinterest.com/lkmoro/home-gyms/

My husband enjoying our home gym.


Gym Membership

There are many types of gyms out there and choosing a gym could be a whole other blog in and of itself. 

Obvious advantages – equipment choices, friends and colleagues you may mix with, some gyms have daycare, classes, run clubs, informational workshops or seminars, some have showers and towels.  (I definitely notice a difference when I am showering at the gym,using their towels, there is much less laundry to do at home.)

Obvious disadvantages- you have to pay, you don’t know how they wash the showers or towels, and you have get yourself there.

Some gyms are more like resorts providing spas, saunas, child care, clean towels, massages and classes are not an extra fee.   These types of gyms will cost you little more, but if you use all the services then I think it’s worth it.  But if you are just going in using some cardio equipment and some resistance training and then be heading home then you may not need to spend so much on all the extras.

Some gyms are just a gym, no classes, no personal training, no showers. So these places have their advantages too.  It’s less money, many of these places have a lot of locations so you likely have one near you and maybe one near your work.  

With all of this you have to consider location, location, and hours. 

Location in relation to your house, your work, your kids school or after school activities. 

If it’s not easy, or if you have to go out of your way, it’s going to be harder to make it happen. 


Personal training and fitness studios are coming back into popularity.  People have felt lost in many of the big box gyms so they are seeking a smaller more welcoming atmosphere. 

Studios come in many types. Some just offer cycle, or boxing, some offer just personal training or group training.  So if you know you like a variety of classes you need to look at what a specific studio offers, and maybe go to another studio to get your cycle or yoga class in.

Some studios offer group classes, or small group personal training as well as one on one training.  Typically in a small fitness studio you will find it easier to get personal attention and may find it less overwhelming than a large box gym will 20 different trainers all over the place.

Most studios will offer sessions throughout the day. But if you need to be back home in your shower by 5:45 am, and they only offer classes starting at 5:45 it’s not going to work for you.

Whatever you chose, if you find what you are doing is not working just try something else.  Keep trying till you find something that works for you.  As the seasons of our lives changes, so does our fitness routine. 

Currently I am a home workout person.  I have not always been a workout at home person, I loved the excitement, motivation and social aspect of being at the gym. I even met husband  there.   Currently I don’t have a gym membership. I enjoy my home gym and then every so often I will go visit a small studio for some booty kicking.  Just like you, trainers like to be told what to do, we don’t always like to come up with our our fun torture. 

I like visiting a FitRanX class at Total Health Systems. Totalhealthsystems.com. (Disclaimer, I get to visit, vs buy a package because I sub when they need me to teach a FitRanx class)

Kim and Beth after a FitRanX Level Up Day


I just purchased another 10 cycle sessions at ChampCycle.    

And last week I had fun attending a group class at Megan’s Fitness.

So keep trying, find what works for you. 

If you are looking for new workout ideas or a personalized program for your gym, or home workout,  let me help.  Tell me a little about yourself by clicking below and I will let you know what I have to offer.  

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