What will personal training look like in another 16 years?

I became a personal trainer in 2001, a time when personal training was not thought of as a full time career. My parents must have been terrified, I was young and green and too naive to be terrified. I left a full time salaried athletic training position at a hospital to become a personal trainer.  In my new position I was working  100% for commission. Fortunately my sports medicine education, professionalism,and just being nice and sincere paid off. I was able to become a successful personal trainer. I have seen countless trainers come and go.  Yet there are many who also have made a respectable career out our passion.

The personal training industry has grown by over 66% since 2000. Personal Training is still not regulated and there are various levels of education and professionalism amongst personal trainers. Turnover in the industry remains high, around 85% according to some sources.

Personal training is a tough business and I have seen a lot changes since I first started. In 2001 there was no social media, no texting, or YouTube. In 2001 it was pretty fancy if you just emailed a pdf article to a client.

Today knowledge is at all our fingertips. Today I can quickly search to find the latest on any fitness subject, I can quickly reach out to any of the personal training FaceBook groups I am involved with to debate various hot topics. Today I can easily search YouTube for new exercise ideas. Fortunately for my clients I take my time and critically think and analyze  what I am reading or watching before making any changes to my programing or coaching. I keep up with exercise trends, hot topics, customer service practices, and using technology to offer the best experience for my clients.

I was among some of the earliest full time personal trainers in 2001 and now I find myself among some of the first personal trainers offering online services. I am thrilled to be working in this space, I find it challenging, and fun all at the same time.

As I start out  I will take 5 additional online clients each month. This helps assure that I continue to provide a top quality product as we all learn what works well and what can be improved about online training.  Eventually I will offer specialized programs for low back pain, hip pain, etc.

In the meantime watch for the announcement that I am accepting new applicants.

Thank you to all my FaceBook friends and family that have supported my passion for fitness and helping others. And a special thank you to my first online training clients, thank you for letting me learn by doing with each of you! Thank you Jon Goodman, I will finish OTA, gotta work on that block scheduling.

I am truly blessed and so excited for the next 16 years!

What will personal training look like in another 16 years?!!

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